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The World Is Ours
Le Monde Est À Elles

Director(s): Nadia Louis-DesmarchaisCA21 min.2023
Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 12 years of age
LanguagesFrench, English (orig.)

Currently, post pandemic, one in two young people show symptoms of anxiety and depression. The World is ours is a film that gives the opportunity to six Montreal teenage girls to leave their urban environment for the first time to take part in a nature canoe-camping expedition. By presenting their struggles and small victories, the film poetically and luminously embraces their vulnerability, emphasizing in broad strokes the power of female sisterhood and therapeutic intervention by nature.

In an intervention cinema approach and seeking to democratize access to the outdoors for marginalized communities, the production of the film took on the responsibility of defraying the costs of the expedition for these six young women.

Projection of The World Is Ours at MOUNTAINS AND CITY 2024
10. Apr
Film block: WATER
Film was already screened
Film was already screened