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King of Tens
Desiatkový kráľ

Director(s): Pavol BarabášSK25 min.2023
Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 15 years of age
LanguagesSlovak (orig.)

People have always yearned for the unattainable. They set off to discover new continents, climb the world's highest peaks, and break Olympic records. Slovak climbers have left a profound, yet silent legacy in the Himalayas and other regions. In the Tatras, Jozef Krištoffy braves the most formidable technical routes, pushing the boundaries of both nature and self.

Projection of King of Tens at MOUNTAINS AND CITY 2024
9. Apr
Film block: HORY A MESTO 2024 OPENING
Film was already screened
Film was already screened