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The Rhythm of One
The Rhythm of One

Director(s): Laurel MyersUS18 min.2023
Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 15 years of age
LanguagesEnglish (orig.)

The world of mountain unicycling is not so different from those of skiing, climbing, or other adventure sports, yet you’ve probably never heard of it. The Rhythm of One is a portrait of Canadian rider Ryan Kremsater and the evolution of his riding as he strives to push the envelope of mountain unicycling, asking, “What lines would a unicycle ride if it was not influenced so heavily by biking and hiking trails?”

In search of an answer, Ryan heads down to Virgin, Utah, a site that revolutionized the sport of mountain biking. After finding his rhythm riding some unnamed ridgelines, he attempts some classic bike descents, exploring the similarities and differences between unicycling and other adventure sports. Despite several big falls, he demonstrates that unicycles have a valuable perspective to bring to the table.

Before heading home, Ryan decides to try to build his own unicycle line. Although he is unable to ride his creation, he confirms what spacing and rhythm work well for a unicycle. After enjoying a few final lines, Ryan returns to the moody British Columbia forests of his youth, where he builds his own stunts, taking the first step toward creating a uniquely unicycle trail.

Projection of The Rhythm of One at MOUNTAINS AND CITY 2024
10. Apr
Film was already screened
Film was already screened